How to Detox – Who Are We?

Welcome to! Since you’ve made it here you clearly care about your body and want to help it function as well as possible. Or maybe you’ve heard about detoxing and aren’t sure where to start. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best products to help you achieve wellness. Our goal is to give you the information and tools you need to feel sure that you are in control of your health. With all the right products for your body, we’re confident that you won’t leave without that security.

It can be confusing with all the information available what the best way to detox is or if you even need to detox. Toxins are a broad name for substances that make their way into our body and foul up our entire system. They include heavy metals like lead, cadmium, aluminum, etc. You inhale, ingest, or even soak them in through your skin just doing your daily routine. Once these substances are in your body it becomes the job of your liver and kidneys to filter them out and get rid of these foreign bodies. Unfortunately, in our modern world we are so inundated with toxins that our natural ability to “clean house” can slow down or completely stop. When your body can no longer metabolize or remove toxins they recycle into the blood and settle into your organs and fat reserves. Once they settle into the body they’re hard to get rid of and can cause some serious symptoms while they’re hanging out.
It can be difficult to tell if you’re experiencing heavy metal build up. Some of the symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, skin problems, inflammation, and general feelings of malaise. Chances are pretty good that you do have some form of toxin build up if you feel any of these. Heavy metal toxicity can mimic hypothyroidism, so unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight could have toxin overload as their root cause. If you’ve tried to change your diet and to exercise and still feel less than great there may be a hidden reason for your symptoms – the presence of toxins that you’ve picked up during your life.

If you use herbicides or pesticides at your home you’re constantly adding to the load your body has to remove. Foods that are conventionally grown, some medications, amalgam dental fillings – they’re all sources of heavy metals that enter our bodies and must be filtered through your liver. You can tell when your liver has become overwhelmed when you begin experiencing some of the symptoms above and nothing seems to help you feel better.
Allowing heavy metals to remain in your system is a bad idea because they continue to react inside of your body the same way they do in the earth. They will oxidize (rust) and cause damage inside of your organ tissues just like a car rusting and eating away. If the metal has radiating qualities you’re combatting that, too. Until they’re removed from your system they’ll continue to corrode inside of your body, causing it to go into over drive trying to rid itself of the antagonizing agents.

The best way to detox depends on which toxins are loading your system, and where. Fortunately, we have you covered no matter what you’re fighting. When water and some exercise isn’t enough to kick you into high gear you can turn to several methods, like following a 3 day detox diet. Sometimes all your body needs is a good reset to kick your detoxifying organs back into drive.
Detoxing can be achieved in a few different ways. Your body naturally detoxes when you use the restroom or sweat. Detoxing agents work by helping your body attract toxins from out of their hiding places in your body – like the fat inside of your brain – so that they can get flushed out like they’re supposed to. The use of apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay, herbs, fruit, even certain seaweeds, can all aid in detoxifying your body. The toxins are bound up to the detoxifying agent and swept out of your system with it.

How to detox offers great quality products that will aid you in your journey to whole body wellness. If you undertake a 3 day detox diet, or even something more intense, we have what you need to cleanse your body and undo the damaging effects of those toxins your body has been attacked with. You may not be able to avoid them, but you definitely don’t have to live with them.

Nothing we supply here at How to Detox is a mumbo jumbo solution from a questionable source. Only proven, quality detoxifying agents make the cut and get passed on to you. All of our detoxes and gentle and effective, so you don’t have to suffer more with a healing crisis. Our goal is to help your body take care of itself and leave you feeling like a million bucks.
Check out our supply of herbal teas, juice detoxes, and supplements to find the right one for you. With a focus on science-backed supplements that use natural remedies we have you covered to meet your goals. Since your health matters to us we don’t offer anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Since we only use quality products all the research is done for you. You don’t have to guess whether or not what you’re taking is safe or effective. Anything you buy from us has been carefully chosen to meet our expectations.

After your detox you’ll probably notice that you feel awesome. Most people lose weight, gain energy, and feel like they can think more clearly. When you realize how much better life can be when your body is running at its best you’ll never want to go back to feeling down, tired, and overweight. Luckily, we don’t think you should have to. We have you covered, whether this is your first detox or a regular maintenance cleanse. How to Detox has you covered so you can get to living.